Replace Overhead Doors at Buildings B-118, B-148 & B-149 a. Joint Base – MDL, NAES Lakehurst, NJ

Project scope included demolition of existing overhead doors at B-118, B148, B-149 and installed new overhead doors including electrical disconnect and re-connect. At B-118 enlarge the existing door opening to accommodate a 14 FT x 14 FT new overhead door.

West Bay Construction removed and re-installed existing 20 Ft long air curtains to allow demo of existing doors and new installation for B-148 (20 FT wide x 24 FT high) and B-149 (18 FT wide x 20 FT high). Building B-118 enlarge opening from 11 FT x 11 Ft to 14 FT x 14 FT, provided structural sealed drawings for new framing plan, demo the existing Overhead Door and installed the new structural steel frame for the new opening including concrete ramp modifications. The existing overhead motors and re-connected the new motors.

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